Sunday, November 13, 2005

Serendipitous Connections


I was speaking to the local Executive Director (ED) about an initiative that ADA has started to help corporations encourage healthy choices: i.e. eating habits, exercise and reduced stress. I can not find the exact link on the ADA site to the program, which is frustrating to me. I will eventually find it and this post will make more sense.

Bottom Line

ADA is looking for more corporations to join this program. When I got home and opened my mail, I received a copy of the "Oakland Business Review." On the front page of the newspaper, there is a section entitled "New coalition promotes health awareness - and savings" & "Clarkston firm: Big losers win tropical trip."

I also came across another article in "Fortune," entitled "The (R)evolution of Steve Case," which discusses Mr. Case's ambition to change the way health-care is delivered.


I am sending these articles to the ED, as an example of opportunities to introduce and leverage ADA's program to these organizations.

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