Friday, December 12, 2008

YEO Protocol

Special Thanks to John Drury from for facilitating our forum retreat and sharing his wisdom. The diagrams below were part of John's "bag of tricks" and we shall be forever grateful for his guidance and mind share.

john drury
fullyalive360, inc.
2823 ne 21st court
fort lauderdale, fl 33305
954-565-3136 wk
954-444-3460 cell

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  1. John's resources deserve more eyeballs, so they've been relayed further (also with credit and link) in the same spirit of sharing inspiring tools, Jonathan.

    I particularly value the 'I Will . . .' slide with 13 guidelines that also build healthy family and personal relationships.

    Speak truth, ask for what you want, take care of yourself, get permission to offer advice and the rest are 'commandments' to uphold and teach by example.

    . . . and to spread by blogging. Thanks!