Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Network-Centric Warfare: Creating a Decisive Warfighting Advantage

Network-Centric Warfare: Creating a Decisive Warfighting Advantage

The domain intersections represent dynamic and vital areas of information age warfare.

  • The precision force vital to the conduct of successful joint operations is created at the intersection of the information and physical domains.
  • Shared awareness and tactical innovation owccur at the intersection between the information and congitive domains.
  • The intersection between the physical and cognitive domains is where the time compression and lock-out phenomena occur, where tactics achieve operation and even strategic effects, and where high rates of change are developed.
  • NCW exists at the center where the three information warfare domains intersect.

Benefits of Network-Centric Warfare

  • A robustly networked force improves information sharing.
  • Information sharing enhances the quality of information and shared situational awareness.
  • Shared situational awareness enables collaboration and self-sychronization, and enhances sustanability and speed of command.
  • These, in turn, dramatically increase mission effectiveness.
  • Networking is the key enabler of battlespace transparency necessary for speed.

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