Thursday, March 30, 2006

Using a Mind Map vs. Meeting Minutes

I promise, I will never ask for meeting notes again.

Who reads them anyway?

Why not just use a Mind Map to outline the course of the discussion during the meeting and during the wrap up phase of the meeting review the Mind Map and revise to assure agreement on the spot.

MindJet did a great job of presenting the benefits of using a Mind Map in connection with a Web Meeting tool like WebEx. It is a great solution, it just can be done with far less expensive licensing requirements than Mind Map and WebEx. Features and benefits highlighted by MindJet:

  • Dramatically reduce meeting times
  • Move from status to planning to action in a single session
  • Increase participation from the entire team
  • Communicate complex subjects more clearly
How efficient? Now if people would only listen and consider the leverage and empowerment that is created by agreeing to the "minutes," while they are still fresh in everyone's MIND.

Five years from now, this is going to be common place. Today it is novel.

Down with the meeting minutes, long live the Mind Map.

If you are looking for a good Mind Mapping solutions and don't want to pay an arm and a leg, check out Free Mind.

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