Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What can computing and information management offer the strategic leader?

Excerpts from: Strategic Leadership and Decision Making

  • It gives immediate, direct and focused access to millions of ideas, publications, and documents from around the world. (WWW has >160,000 servers or networks around the world).
  • It allows almost unlimited capacity to store everything known and access it at will. Storage capacity has grown at an unbelievable rate.
  • It allows communication with local, organization-wide, and global networks.
  • It allows exploration of ideas in a variety of forms and the free manipulation of those ideas. (E-mail forums, chatrooms, bulletin boards, and powerful search engines on the web freely expose ideas from all around the globe.)
  • With the advent of expert systems, the computer can now interact as a peer or instructor would, distributing more creative, effective, efficient, and thoughtful ideas and solutions to problems. ("Wizards" and decision support systems influence all aspects of our lives.)

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