Thursday, April 06, 2006

Customer Service in a Connected World

I had an issue with a Northwest Airlines (NW) Customer Service Representative, CSR, yesterday on an issue relating to mileage posting. The details of the issue are not as important to me as my tactics for resolution and NW's response. I have a connection to one of the senior folks on the NW WorldPerks team, so I contacted him about the issue. He actually got back to me today and told me that he would have one of his folks internally follow up on the issue.

Now that is great customer services in a connected world. Three cheers to NW for getting it!!!

Below are a transcript of the emails:

I just got off the phone with a CSR from NW BizPerks following up an a crediting issue. I got on the phone and could barely understand the guy through his thick Indian accent.

After spending 10 minutes on the phone and giving him all the detail. He came back on the phone and told me I bought the ticket through a travel agent, wrong - bought it right from NW.

Then he proceeded to tell me to just email NW online. I asked him why did I call in the first place? He just hung up the phone. Ridiculous.

NW Response

Jonathan, I have asked one of our sales folks to follow up on this. We will get some details on this and followup with the individual who did not meet your expectations of good service. Just as an fyi, we do not outsource any of this service work overseas so we will also followup to see if we have an issue with one of our employees.

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