Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cyberbanging - Network Centric Evil

The threat from the Washington area gang Street Thug Criminals was very clear: "We swore we were going to get the *bleep* that did this and we are. RIP Antonio."

It was delivered the way almost everything seems to be these days: on a Web page.

The Street Thug Criminals have an Internet page, and they used it to warn a rival Langley Park gang that Antonio's death would be avenged . . .

According to the 2005 National Gang Threat Assessment by the National Alliance of Gang Investigators Associations, gang members are increasingly computer savvy.

"Web sites often include photos of members, tattoos and gang hand signs," reads the report. "Sites may also have bulletin boards, message boards or chat rooms where members can post messages or 'shout outs' to identify cliques or chapters of the gangs in various cities."

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