Saturday, April 01, 2006

Network Centric Strategies™ Research and Results Process

Network Centric Strategies™ Research and Results ProcessPer your request, I undertook a researchendeavorsr today to determine the appropriate course of action for dealing with Pepper's, your horse, current health issue Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM).

In the process of doing so, I mapped out my entire process for doing the research. The attached Mind Map, Research is broken down into two distinct pieces.

  • Network Centric Strategies™
    Resources Engaged
    High level overview
  • Case Study
    Problem Presented
    Network Centric Strategies™ Employed
    Conclusions and Next Steps

As you noted when you met with Team Network Centric Strategies™, "you can not charge for it, unless you have a process." I used this exercise as a means to developing the process. We will need your help in naming it and refining it. I know that you are "on the team."

In addition, my thoughts are posted on your blog @ These thoughts are basically the streamconsciousnessness that I went through while developing the solutions.

The Mind Map is rather in depth. You may want to walk through it on the phone with me. The tool started slowing down quite a bit toward the end, I think I almost broke it LOL.

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