Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Offline domination still a world away for Google

Maybe we should be buying our media from Google. I have read a bunch of articles about how cheap the media has been sold relative to the rate card. Definitely worth a look.



Google's introduction of an auction-based print ad service and an automated radio ad-buying company left many buyers and sellers fretting that the search giant could dominate offline media the way it holds sway online.

But if that happens, it will be years away.

For one, not only are Google Print and radio ad-buyer dMarc still new and largely untested, they are currently considered remnant services that don't meet the needs of large mainstream marketers, and buyers said it will be years before Google is equipped to offer one-stop shopping across all media. "You are not going to find big advertisers going after" the new Google services, said George Janson, managing partner and director of print at Mediaedge:cia. "They are going after the low-hanging fruit."

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