Friday, April 14, 2006

The Power of the Network: Word of Mouth Advertising

But now, even a superbrand like Procter & Gamble is in on the act. P&G, maker of everything from deodorant to Pringles, has a teen-oriented Web site where kids can sign up and become brand ambassadors . . .

You’d be surprised, says P&G. Some 225,000 teens have signed up for P&G’s Tremor, and 500,000 moms have joined another P&G word-of-mouth campaign called Vocalpoint, which is just a year old.

People tend to be more convinced by “regular” people praising a product than advertisers or media critics.

With this in mind, firms like FanMail by JamBase help record companies take care of fans so they stay happy and supportive.

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