Thursday, May 11, 2006

Google Trends

Google TrendsConceptually interesting, but merely scratches the surface of the possibilities of the vast amount of search data. This appears to be more of a tease than a functional offering. I do not think that you are actually going to find much value here, atleast for now.

See what the world is searching for

Google Affirms Web-Search Focus With a Collection of New Tools by Riva Richmond
From WSJ article May 11, 2006 Page B4

The company unveiled Google Trends, which allows Web users to see what people around the world are interested in by running searches of Google's Web-search traffic. For instance, a user could search the terms "boxers" and "briefs" and see on a bar chart that compares the popularity of the two terms that boxers are more popular, said Jonathan Rosenberg, Google senior vice president of product management.

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