Saturday, July 15, 2006

Networkcentric Consumer Advocacy: Consumers have a Voice

Great story about how consumers now have a voice.

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How the Web Flips 'Caveat Emptor'
If the Marketplace Is a Shark Tank, Guess Who's Getting Eaten?

July 14, 2006 -- Vincent Ferrari was an America Online loyalist. For years it was his only portal to the Internet. AOL even helped him meet his wife.

"I had been an AOL customer for a long time," Ferrari said. "[But] I figured there were better ways to spend 15 bucks a month, so I decided to cancel the account."

AOL has been hemorrhaging hundreds of thousands of customers, and Ferrari, an avid blogger with his own website, says he heard a common refrain while on-line.

"There has always been this rumor that AOL was really hard to cancel," Ferrari said. "So one way or another I figured I'd prove either it was or it wasn't and I'd end up with something interesting to put up on my site."

Vincent turned on his recorder and then placed the call.

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