Friday, February 02, 2007

Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

Don't Trust Your PC
Loose Wire's Inbox: Metatag Blues, Stumbling Over Stumble
By JEREMY WAGSTAFF February 2, 2007

My article about StumbleUpon, a toolbar for the browser that builds a network of shared bookmarks ("Not Googling but Stumbling," Nov. 17, 2006) elicited varied responses. People like Aidan Chiu of Taiwan found it "very cool and helpful," but others took longer to be convinced.

Ron Finch of Seattle wrote: "OK, so the last thing I need on my browser is another toolbar; however, I was intrigued enough by your description of Stumble to give it a try. It started poorly enough when the first six or so usernames I tried were taken, but I finally found one I could live with, and started Stumble-ing. It's redeemed itself, in spades." Jonathan B. Smith of Michigan, however, wasn't impressed:
"I found the linearity of its results to be terribly cumbersome. I see the value in the thumbs up, thumbs down, but the presentation of the results make the tool almost unusable for a power internet user. I do not want single results, I want a list that is ranked that I chose from."
I agree it may not be perfect for a power user or someone in a hurry. I think the value, though, is more in the notion of wandering around, guided by the recommendations of others and the machine-learning of the software as it understands your interests and preferences.

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