Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How Do We Listen?

Excerpt from Uriel Heals Newsletter

IA very wise friend of mine once said to me that if you listen carefully to what people say they will tell you everything you need to know. As a person who was always in a hurry, I would tend to listen to people while thinking about or doing other things. So I picked up on the parts of the conversation that I thought were important and the rest just went by me. In doing this, I heard the parts of the conversation that I expected, was wiling to hear or wanted to hear but I would miss everything else. Once I started taking my friend's advice I found that there were many layers to my conversations with others and each one held special messages for me.

We have a variety of expectations of our conversations with people, based on what we think and know about them. For example, if we are speaking to someone who is usually very critical, we know that we will be criticized so we tune out anything that we think will be criticism. We may even tune out the entire conversation because we expect to hear nothing but criticism. But in doing this we may miss some important elements that will help us better understand the person and our beliefs about them.
There are also people we avoid conversations with because we don't want to hear what they have to say. Or others that we want to talk to but who don't tell us what we want to hear. When we learn to listen to others we hear what they have to say and as we listen very carefully, we also hear what they may not be verbalizing. This is a very useful method for speaking with our Indigo children, by the way, who rarely tell us what they think in clear terms and who often disguise what they are telling us.

Each of us is both student and teacher and each person in our life is there to participate in some way on our spiritual journey. So each conversation we have with someone contains a special message for us and if we pay attention to both what they are and are not saying we will get the entire message. Listening to someone else, giving them our whole attention and really absorbing the conversation, is the greatest gift we can give them. And to ourselves because we can learn some valuable information and even complete lessons and karma with others when we listen to what they have to tell us.

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