Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quote about Human Leaders from Everyday Leaderhip

I really liked this excerpt from Dan Mulhern's book "Everyday Leadership," it talks about the humanity involved in leadership. More "leaders" should heed his advice and the world would be a much better place.

The only enduring way to get humans' best stuff is to be fully human ourselves. And being human means sometimes dealing with a stinky diaper. It means facing some of our stinky behaviors, thoughts and feelings -- such as feeling ignored or forgotten or wrong. And it also means we get to face the splendid possibility that we could be much better and happier leaders if we quit doing what we think we should do, what we've always done, what we're comfortable doing, and instead do what our people need us to do.

I am inviting you to consider a more human leadership . . .

This kind of human leadership lets us be the person who can get what our hearts most desire: a connection with other people in which we make each other better and do something together that we could not have done alone, a person not perfect but perfectly alive.

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