Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Future of Shopping

I rarely read airplane magazines, but I was on Southwest and ran out of reading material last week so I picked up their magazine. I came across this article that detailed the future of shopping and was quite intrigued. The article provides visibility into technologies that will radically change shopping in the future. It is broken up into four trends:

  • Out-of-Body Shopping (Virtual avatars will allow designers to create custom clothing that you can try on with a single mouse click.)
  • Preference Marketing (Our passions drive our spending habits. When sellers get you into their clubs, you get access to discounts and special offers.)
  • Shoppertainment (When retailers make visiting their stores a joy, we reward them with loyalty and impulse buys. Look for more in-house conveniences.)
  • Unshopping (Smart chips implanted in your food packaging will tell your fridge to alert the store when you need to restock. Same-day delivery will have you serving dinner in time for American Idol.)
I am already totally over the brick and mortar shopping experience, online is so much more convenient.

The article is a good read. Take a look. Click Here

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