Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Social Networked Municipal Wi-Fi

This is a totally different approach to Municipal Wi-Fi, it's all about communicty cooperation.

Meraki empowers individuals to build wireless Internet communities. Meraki provides a level of access that has never before been economically, geographically or technically possible. Instead of a traditional top-down wireless service approach (such as municipal wifi or carrier hot-spots), the company takes a progressive bottoms-up approach that allows everyday people to affordably and cooperatively build a wireless network. In addition, Meraki makes the Internet more universally accessible by providing access even in rural and urban situations where traditional broadband access has failed. Meraki offers accessible, easy, and affordable wireless connectivity for everyone.

How It Works

Meraki’s wireless networking products are based on revolutionary mesh technology. Individuals are able to easily and affordably build and operate cooperative wireless networks anywhere – whether in a home, apartment building, office complex, or across an entire city. With Meraki’s Mini routers and an online dashboard tool to monitor and manage networks, customers without technical expertise can quickly set up an entire wireless network. Plugging a Meraki Mini router into a DSL line instantly creates a gateway. As more Minis are added nearby, the signals stream back and forth to build a web of wireless connections. Known as a mesh, this fabric of signals makes it possible to use just one DSL line to create a cooperative wireless Internet network, bringing access to more people than ever before.

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