Monday, August 04, 2008

Why I

I was running late for the airport the other day, what else is new, and was a bit stressed. Fortunately, there was no traffic on the way from NYC to LGA, but when I got to the airport it was line city, yuck.


So I decided to pay the porter $5 at the curb to handle my bags and checked in without having to stand in coach class check in hell.

The next dilemma was getting through security, but fortunately I had my trusty Clear Card. One swipe of my right thumb print and I was identified and whisked to the front of the line, almost seemed unfair, but I was relieved that I did not have to anxiously wait with the huddled masses. I have used my Clear Card on a number of occasions and am hooked.

I only wish I could in more locations.

About Clear

Clear members are pre-screened and provided with a high-tech card which allows them to access designated security lanes nationwide. Clear members pass through the security checkpoint faster, with more predictability and less hassle. The annual fee of $100 (plus a $28 TSA vetting fee) is charged once applicants are approved by the government. Applicants start their enrollment at and complete the process at an enrollment location where their fingerprints and iris images are captured and their identification is validated. Clear’s registered traveler program has been operational since July 19, 2005.

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