Saturday, November 08, 2008

Expert Networks

I am fascinated at the evolving industry that connects experts with management consultants, investment management professionals, and research analysts. Here is a list of the primary expert network providers:

Industry Leader

  1. Gerson Lehrman Group
Other Players
  1. Coleman Research
  2. Guidepoint Global Advisors
  3. Reuters Insight
  4. Vista Research - Society of Industrial Leaders
Research on the Expert Network Industry
  1. The Future of the Expert Network Industry


  1. Lists are good reference tools and discussion-starters, Jonathan . . .

    . . .
    so this appetizer leaves me, and perhaps others, hungry for a meatier bite.

    What fascinates you about this evolving industry? Is it:

    * A productive path to virtual teams and meaningful knowledge exchanges?

    * A shortcut that assumes relationships are commodities that can be packaged?

    * A way to formalize and monetize LinkedIn-style giveaways of expertise and viewpoints?

    * All of the above?

    Though this may sound playful, I really do wonder what fascinates, JBS . . . and whether your management consulting experience and other strategic skills make you a potential connector, connectee or both?

    -- Alan Stamm

  2. I like that the system allows you to disintermediate traditional referral channels. It allows you to get directly to the experts, in minutes / hours vs. weeks / months, irregardless of your relationships in the physical world.

    The pay @ $500 / hour is not a bad incentive for the consultant either.