Monday, October 12, 2009

US Customs Teterboro (TEB)

US CBPI am writing this post to provide a checklist for myself of important documentation and contact information that I need on international flights utilizing Teterboro as the port of entry.

I hope others find it useful, feel free to provide suggestions if there are resources that you feel should be added to this page.

Required Paperwork
  1. Electronic Advance Passenger Information System (EAPIS)
  2. Teterboro (KTEB) US Customs Form
  3. Customs Form 178 - Private Aircraft Enforcement System Arrival Report
  4. CBP Form 6059B
Contact TEB CBP
  • 201-288-8799 Work
  • 201-288-4699 Fax
CBP Private Flyers Resources
AOPA Checklist and Resources for Traveling to Canada
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