Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Homeland Security is "Everyone's Responsibility" - The Silver Bullet Solution

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can develop the plans and implement the systems to help mitigate the risk of terrorist attacks to our Homeland. However, their plans and systems are not fool proof; there is no single silver bullet solution.

There will always be loopholes in the system and it is everyone's responsibility to help "plug the gaps."

Harvard Business Review on Network Centric Strategy
  • Obama's making the same mistake as record labels, fighting a decentralized network of extremists with centralized structures, like NYT op-eds. It's not going to work, because the economics don't hold . . . The only solution is to challenge, dilute, and redefine the incentives that cause networks to coalesce in the first place.

    Harvard Business Review -  "Network Strategy and the Anti-Defense"
What does "everyone's responsibility" mean?
  • Everyone should be vigilant, take notice of your surroundings, and report suspicious items or activities to local authorities immediately.

  • The best homeland defense will be a good homeland offense. The weapons must not only come from without through what government does. The more powerful weapons will come from within when millions of us decide to think, act and live differently.

  • Recognizing and Reporting Suspicious Activity

Bottom Line -  "If you see something, say something"

This simple phrase and concept should be the cornerstone of President Obama and the DHS's leadership platform when publicly addressing homeland security risks, threats and appropriate responses.

Jonathan B. Smith
Concerned Citizen
Homeland Security Entrepreneur

Original Research for the Post - Homeland Security Research Priorities

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