Sunday, January 24, 2010

From Zero to $100 Million - A Success Story

Tune in to learn how Jonathan Smith and his father launched their beach erosion barrier business in the early 1990s and ultimately landed a $100 million contract with the port of Abu Dhabi to protect strategic assets for them using their floating fence technology.

Rich Sloan interviews Smith and reveals the long but undeniable road to a whopping success story. Learn how a $5,000 investment in a search-engine-friendly website helped  them land their massive, nine-figure deal. Also learn about how Jonathan leaned heavily on his partnership with his father to endure the low points along the way.

This is a story about sticking to it, but not about making crazy sacrifices. Every step of the way, Jonathan was basing the will to press on on feedback and real potential being indicated by the marketplace.

Want inspiration? This is your podcast!

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