Friday, November 11, 2005

Must be in the Front Row


I showed up I the ORD Westin @ 3 PM today: our room was not ready yet and they told us we had two queen sized beds. I wanted a king sized bed and I desperately needed a shower. "I love to be clean."


I checked in with the American Diabetes Association conference coordinators and luckily, Carol Boileau, the woman who I had registered for the event through was at the check in desk. I introduced myself to Carol, as we had never met before, and asked her if she had any influence with the hotel. She was a bit unsure of her level of "juice," but agreed to "see what she could do."

To her surprise, she was able to get me a room with a king sized bed on the top floor of the hotel.

Lessons Learned

"He who has the gold rules." Find the leverage point and use it to your advantage.

Referrability Habits

I followed up with an email to Carol thanking her for making our weekend.

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