Friday, April 28, 2006

Tools for Fighting Website Plagiarism

iParadigms is a pioneer in the rapidly expanding field of digital information tracking. The internet, though an invaluable resource for services and information, is unfortunately also an unparalleled environment for all varieties of intellectual property theft. We have developed a suite of advanced tracking tools to combat the piracy of intellectual property and ensure the originality of written work. These tools have already been adopted and successfully implemented for thousands of institutional clients all over the world.

LexisNexis® CopyGuard™

CopyGuard™ helps protect your organization against the devastating financial and legal effects of a plagiarism scandal. Our technology can also be used to identify possible infringements of your company’s intellectual property.

Copyscape is dedicated to defending your rights online, helping you fight against online plagiarism and content theft. Copyscape finds sites that have copied your content without permission, as well as those that have quoted you.

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