Friday, April 28, 2006

Why not to use Vonage!!!

  • Offshored Customer Service Representatives who's only function is to answer questions that are available in their online database. If you call their customer service line and ask a technical question that requires any expertise it is routed back to the US. It takes weeks for them to respond and then they try to do it by email. Totally dissatisfying.
  • They do not return their support emails!!!
  • The general problem is on the support side, when a customer calls they should not be put on hold for 25+ minutes. Their wait times are ridiculous!!!
  • VOIP with standard asynchronous broadband product lacks the clarity and reliability of a land line.

I implore you not to switch to Vonage services, it is just an awful product. They have no respect for the customers time and I am extremely disappointed with them overall.

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