Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Way Beyond Sneakers

Know your product Wade is an athlete, so the marketing he does off court has to be tied to his success on court. In his Lincoln auto ads, Wade helps kids who play ball, though he doesn’t play in the spot.

Convey core traits Wade’s managers aim to position him as a competitive, contemporary, humble winner. In an upcoming Gatorade ad, Will to Win, Wade mentally runs through the obstacles that face him on the court.

Identify the target market For Wade it’s young adults, age 16 to 24. That’s why he’s partnering with T-Mobile on a new mobile device popular with youth.

Align authentically A big brand is not always best. Wade’s team chose T-Mobile over AT&T and Converse over bigger shoe companies because they fit his persona and what he uses himself.

Integrate marketing programs T-Mobile is an ideal partner because it’s also an NBA sponsor, allowing its ads to feature him in trademarked NBA gear.

Leverage Digital Media Wade is engaging Web giant Google to help create an online community with exclusive content via blogs, Webisodes, and podcasts.

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