Thursday, October 11, 2007

Email Fatigue, A Growing Epidemic

I regularly have to remind the board of directors of the local chapter of the Entrepreneur's Organization ( that our membership and the world at large has "Email Fatigue."

My belief is that:

The telephone or in person meetings should be used to motivate and email should be used solely for informational purposes.

We have in fact implemented a new communications policy for our board, requiring that all board related email be filtered a single email protocol officer. The protocol officer's job is to consolidate all but the most pressing email communications into a single monthly newsletter. We have received rave reviews for this change in policy from our membership and are getting far better response to our communications then in the past.

Email fatigue is a real social and corporate disease that is aggressively spreading and dramatically diminishing the overall health of the email inbox.


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  1. Just FYI, I appreciate you keeping me in the loop, but I think you may be CC'ing me on more than I need to know. The volume of email leads to a "Boy Who Cried Wolf" scenario. I really just need to be included on stuff that requires me to make a decision. If I need more details, I will ask. Before you send an email, think twice about whether I really need to see it or not.