Saturday, March 08, 2008

Subprime Mortgage Melt Down Primer

This PowerPoint, or should I say Google Apps Presentation, provides and elegantly simple, yet highly accurate pictures of the realities that led to the Subprime Mortgage Melt Down.

I tried to convert this file to a video format, but the writing proved too small to read when shrunk down to fit YouTube's standard video size. See sample of video @ bottom of this post.

Thus, I decided to publish it via Google Apps, which allows anyone with a Google Account to view it as an online presentation (Sign Up for Google Account).

Then I did some research on Blogger Help to determine the best way to deliver a presentation online and I came across Scribd. Scribd has proven to be the best of all of the solutions that I have reviewed and a link is provided below to the file online.

You can view this presentation at:

There is also a Google Apps Widget that is available for posting on the blogs and websits that is displayed below. However, the widget shrinks this presentation to the point where it is illegible. I figured that I would post the widget here for all to see because I thought the tool was so cool, even if it does not work as well as I would have liked in this case.

Google Apps Widget

YouTube Version

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