Thursday, April 24, 2008

Entrepreneurship program coming to U-M Dearborn

metromode, 4/24/2008
Innovation and entrepreneurship are already practically synonymous with the University of Michigan, but the university is trying to spread that gospel to its Dearborn campus.

U-M-Dearborn is launching an entrepreneurship and innovation program as part of its business School of Management. The idea is to work with the colleges of engineering, computer sciences and the Detroit Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization to help local businesses become more involved in the new economy and even foster a little business creation.

"A university can only guide, foster and provide a platform for ideas and thinking... That's what we are doing here, thinking, fostering growth and development," says Tim Hartge, a lecturer at U-M Dearborn. "In fact we are starting an eMBA program in the fall of 2009 and we are designing the program around innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership."

The program is open, not only to students at the university, but businesses throughout the region as well. Although only in its infancy, administrators hope to begin working with businesses soon, helping them to make the right connections and moving them forward, both at both home and abroad.

"Our mission is regional yet global," Hartge says.

For information on the new program, contact Hartge at or at (313) 583-6465.

Source: Tim Hartge, lecturer at University of Michigan-Dearborn
Writer: Jon Zemke

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