Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Smart Women with Available Time - SWAT

Smart WomenI always thought that SWAT stood for "Special Weapons and Tactics," but I learned this a new use for the acronym this morning (in the Wall Street Journal in an article entitled "How Stay-at-Home Moms Are Filling an Executive Niche" by Sue Shellenbarger) SMART WOMEN with AVAILALBE TIME.

The decision among some highly educated women to stay home with children is sparking a countertrend: The rise of the mommy "SWAT team." The acronym, for "smart women with available time," is one mother's label for all-mom teams assembled quickly through networking and staffing firms to handle crash projects. Employers get lots of voltage, cheap, while the women get a skills update and a taste of the professional challenges they miss.

Excerpt from WSJ

I was having a conversation with a very senior telecommunications executive on Monday and told her that I thought that the SWAT moms offered a boon potential for the local Michigan Economy; given the fact that the dollar is relatively weak, prices are rising in India for good labor and Michigan's proximity to NYC, Boston, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, etc. there is a great opportunity to exploit an On Shoring / Best Shoring strategy:

What is the best sourcing strategy to pursue?" In the digital age, where information moves instantaneously and customers can, business managers can select providers in multiple locations in the U.S., as well as overseas. The question is where is the best place (considering costs, skills, convenience, culture, experience, etc.) to source the talent to solve the problem at hand.

Excerpt from Bank Technology News

The population of SWAT moms provides a great untapped resource that benefits both the employer and employee.

List of SWAT Providers:

Resources for working with SWATs:

I told my friend telecom executive friend this morning that I only wish that I could predict the stock tables, as well as I had predicted the importance of the SWAT to the Michigan Economy.

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