Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Random Walk Down Matrix Street

Binary CodeI sat down at Starbucks today to kill an hour and I have 4 magazines, The Clue Train Manifesto and my iPod on the table. I chose to read Business Week first and as I was scanning through this weeks copy, I found three articles of interest:

And Now, A Podcast From Our Sponsor: All about Whirlpool's Podcasting Strategy.

Action: Forwarded this article to Moncur Associates to discuss potential matrix opportunity.

Shoot the Focus Group: Advertisers are inventing new ways into the consumer's head.

Action: I am just fascinated how technology is disintermediating proxies for consumer behavior and actually capturing the empirical data

Prefab Meets Style:
Architects are rethinking budget boxes -- and finding lots of buyers.

Action: Bryan Hanson, aka Sales Guy, and I were just talking about the market for high-end pre-fab homes. I sent this article along to Bryan.

This post is just designed to capture the essence of one of my process.
  • Read incessantly
  • Make a connection between content and people / opportunities
  • Pass the wisdom forward and connect people to the matrix

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